The quality of a service company is determined by the quality of its managers and the expertise of its consultants. Trust is acquired through the quality personal relationship that is established between the service provider and the client.

As such, we are convinced that we must show our working environment that we will make available to you, show who we are and what we do on a daily basis. This gallery of photos and videos demonstrates our willingness to share.

Our office and its environment

Photos of the office and its external environment: reception,
desks, meeting rooms, café-relaxation area, nearby shops.

Our employees, our customers, our network

To get to know people better and put faces to names

The events

Life in China and Shanghai is very busy. There are events in which we participate and others that we animate.
Some are professional events; others are cultural events or simply for pure leisure.

YouTube channel

The launch of our YouTube channel is scheduled for the end of 2022 / beginning of 2023.